Jennifer and Andrea Smith


Sisters On A Mission!

We are sisters and best friends that have been lucky enough to journey through this life together! We started DOGZAR® and SISTERS ALOHA as a way of being able to work together, be artistic and creative together, all while being able to help charities that are close to our hearts.

We deeply believe in the spirit of ALOHA,

which is living in harmony with the people and land around you


and a mutual understanding of RESPECT.


DOGZAR® hopes to ultimately help bring all dogs everywhere complete tail-wagging happiness! Years ago, we lived off a street in Miami that had a state park located at one end. For some horrible reason, people would drive their senior dogs to the park and just leave them there, discarded. We absolutely couldn’t believe it. How could anyone live years and years raising and loving their dog, then when they became older, they would just heartlessly abandon them. Leaving them all alone, lost and afraid. It has become our mission to help senior dogs in need.

It seems when people are looking to adopt a dog, they always want a puppy. Puppies come into the rescues and puppies find homes quickly. Unfortunately, the senior dogs are just passed over. Our hearts are with all dogs in need, but we are SISTERS ON A MISSION to help senior dogs too!

With every purchase from you are helping support charitable organizations that aid in protecting, rescuing and sheltering dogs in need.


We want to be able to help our planet Earth and all the people and animals that have made this planet their home. We are very passionate about living an eco-friendly life, protecting and keeping our oceans clean and healthy and we are striving to help protect nature in ways that advance the long-term welfare of present and future generations. 

Our SISTERS ALOHA products are inspired by the spirit of ALOHA

& our love of the BEACH, the SURF and the SUN.

With every purchase from you are helping support charitable organizations that help our home, planet EARTH.