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Fur Pets Sake DVM

Fur Pets Sake DVM - truck

Full Service Mobile Veterinary Hospital

Whenever we have an amazing experience with a Treasure Coast business, we want to spread the LOVE and tell everyone about them! We recently met the veterinary team of Dr. Maria Mandina Valle – DVM, MS, CVA and her husband Carlos Valle – manager, pet nurse and, of course, Mia – happiness and zen therapist. We wanted to find a mobile veterinarian that would be available in the case of an emergency or for routine wellness for our senior dog, Bruce Lee, a 14 year old corgi-huahua rescue. Bruce Lee has developed some health conditions that unfortunately come with aging. He has some issues with his back, joints, heart and he is also starting to show signs of dementia. Bruce Lee has become a real homebody in his elder years and because of his heart condition, the short trip of getting in the car and going to the the doctors office has just been putting a huge amount of undue stress on Bruce Lee.

Fur Pets Sake DVM - Bruce Lee getting treatment
Fur Pets Sake DVM – Bruce Lee getting treatment

Fur Pets Sake to the rescue! They showed up in their beautiful mobile hospital. They came into the home and observed Bruce Lee without any stress in his safe place. They weighed him and listened to his heart and lungs and they observed his mobility. The most important part was that they were allowing Brucie to meet them, feel safe with them and to bond. The blood work and more thorough testing was completed in their mobile hospital. While in the van, we met Mia. She was a very important source of zen and happiness! Mia’s calming nature really helped Bruce Lee because he was starting to get a little stressed during the bloodwork and nail clipping.

Mia – Happiness and Zen Therapist

Dr. Maria and Carlos showed compassion and kindness with Bruce Lee. They treated him with a very gentle loving touch. They provided us with guidance and lots of information. Even though no one wants to think about the final chapter in your dog’s life, Fur Pets Sake offers at home euthanasia. Bruce Lee is a senior dog and it is heartbreaking to think of the idea that he will not be with us forever. But Dr. Maria and Carlos will be there when needed, to help during that very difficult time. Knowing that Brucie will be at home, in his safe and happy place, surrounded by loved ones in a peaceful, love-filled environment when it’s his time to pass, means more to us than anything.

Fur Pets Sake is an Indian River County business. Their services include: Acupuncture, At Home Euthanasia, Preventative Care, Routine Surgery, Laboratory Diagnostics, Pharmacy and Health and Travel Certificates. They are based in Vero Beach and travel all throughout the county, spreading Love, Health and Happiness!

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  1. It’s Wonderful that the doctor can come to our loved pets. Thank you for sharing .

    1. Thank you Carolyn for your comment! I agree 100%! Sometimes when our pets are older or just too sick to travel, it’s so wonderful to have a veterinarian that can come to our homes and take care of our fur babies! Or us even, it’s nice to be able to have this service for our pets in case we do not have transportation ourselves.

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