We are sisters and best friends that started our career together working for several builders and developers, selling and managing the construction of single family homes. We quickly advanced to managing several significant projects throughout Florida, working within every aspect from development, construction and real estate sales within each project. Projects include several landmark residential and commercial oceanfront luxury high-rise condominiums, hotels and high-end retail centers. We have over 25 years of construction and real estate experience which have allowed us the opportunity build unparalleled market knowledge throughout all of Florida.

We only represent YOU, the BUYER. 

We leverage our knowledge and experience to help buyers find, design and negotiate the purchase of a new construction home. Not only will we protect your best interests during the home buying and construction process, but we won’t cost you anything because our commission is paid by the seller.


I started my real estate career after graduating from Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan. After receiving my Bachelor’s degree in Communications, I was working for several builder/developers selling and managing preconstruction single family homes. I absolutely love working within construction and real estate and helping people build their dream homes.

I have a strong understanding of customers’ expectations and needs. My on-the-job training has given me Hands-On knowledge of the entire construction process. This has further developed my skills satisfying the needs of all future Homeowners with selecting lavish amenities that promote a WOW factor. My attention to detail and focus on quality with design, build, and finishes allow homeowners to relax and rejuvenate in the privacy of their own dream homes

Jennifer on job site
Jennifer Smith, REALTOR®, C2EX®

I started my real estate career after graduating from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach, Florida. After receiving my Bachelor’s degree in Aeronautical Science, I earned my Commercial Pilot license and became a CFI, CFII and MEI (certified flight instructor – instrument, single and multi engine). I was working for several builder/developers selling and managing preconstruction single family homes, all while working as a Commercial Pilot flying charter and corporate aviation and working as an Aerospace Engineer specializing in the FMCS (flight management computer systems) on Boeing and Airbus aircraft. I decided to focus on my passion for commercial and residential construction, real estate and development. Since then, I have been working side-by-side with my sister and my best friend, Andrea.

Bruce Lee, Andrea’s son

Bruce Lee is a very loving corgi-huahua. Though his legs are tiny, Brucie loves to run super FAST! He seems to always have a smile on his face and has a heart of gold. Bruce Lee grew up on the water and absolutely loves the beach and boating. His favorite food is mango, and is willing to do just about anything for his cookies. Brucie is a total pro when it’s time for him to FETCH A NEW HOME, he can scope out the best lots with ample room to RUN!

Jaxie, Jennifer’s son

Jax is a very special chihuahua. He is an exceptional dancer and loves to show off his moves. He is more of a cuddle puppy than anything and has a hard time deciding who will be the lucky individual to give him his massages. Jaxie’s favorite food is chicken! He also loves almost all fruits and veggies, especially mangos and green beans. Jax loves to FETCH A NEW HOME for buyers and his favorite part is running super fast on all of the new carpeting!

Rocco Jet

We have a pretty big passion for our furry family members, our DOGS! We both consider our dogs our children. We wanted to bring that love of dogs into real estate, so that is how FETCH A NEW HOME was born.

Inspired by Rocco Jet!

Our son, Rocco Jet, a tiny Toy Rat Terrier rescue, was the love of our lives. Rocco filled everyone’s heart with love when they met him. He loved to run super fast and that’s how he earned his middle name, Jet. Some of his favorite pastimes were patrolling the dock searching for manatees, stingrays and fish, boating the intracoastal, ripping leaves apart with his teeth, playing fetch with his toy Bruiser and cuddling with his family. Rocco Jet is the inspiration for Fetch a New Home and is our dog in the logo!