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10 ADVANTAGES of Buying a NEW Construction Home

white wooden kitchen cabinet near white wooden kitchen cabinet

1. You’re the FIRST Owner, it’s not used!

You are the VERY FIRST ONE to own the home, it’s not used. This is an extremely important advantage to a lot of people. It’s a brand new fresh start. There’s no toxic cigarette smoke or cigar odor imbedded into the drywall and carpet. You won’t ever have to worry about having to spend thousands of dollars fixing the major problems that were created from previous home remodeling done incorrectly. You get to design the home based on what you want, no remodeling required!

2. Healthier Building Materials!

Take a deep breath because in a new construction home, you can safely! New construction homes today are built with healthier building materials than what was used years ago. Every single day, manufacturers are inventing and manufacturing GREENER healthier products for our homes. Using new green-certified materials will greatly improve your air quality. Here is a list of some green building materials for a healthier home:

  • Drywall – only choose drywall made in the U.S.A. from 2016 or later to ensure that it meets US Regulations, that are non-toxic.
  • Plumbing and Pipes – only choose copper pipes or polypropylene pipes. These are lead free and won’t leach chemicals and toxins to drinking water.
  • Flooring – only choose FSC-certified wood; recycled/reclaimed wood with a water-based, Green Seal 11-certified finish; natural linoleum; or ceramic, porcelain, and glass tiles.  Unfortunately carpet, laminate, or vinyl flooring, can contain toxic chemicals in the glues and resins used to fuse wood layers together and can be treated with chemical biocides or fungicides.
  • Paint – only choose low- or no-VOC, water-based latex paint with less than 50 grams per liter of VOCs for flat paint and no more than 100 grams per liter for non-flat paint. You can also look for a Green Seal-11 certified paint, which regulates harmful chemicals such as nonylphenol ethoxylates, mercury, lead and carcinogens.
  • Insulation – only choose Greenguard-certified insulation materials with low VOCs and rigid insulation that do not contain flame retardants, such as mineral wool, perlite, cellular glass or cork board.

3. New Home Community Amenities!

Builders are enticing new home buyers with so many amazing community options. Modern communities offer a huge amount of luxury amenities for the homeowners. Amenities such as pickle-ball courts, tennis courts, resort-style swimming pools, spas, fitness centers, community centers with retail stores and cafes for socializing, dog parks, open green space and parks and lots of nature trails for walking, jogging and biking.

4. Higher Resale! Instant Equity!

Purchasing early during the construction process allows you to lock in lower pricing. This allows you to place yourself in a position to make a considerable return on your investment. As the project sells, the builder has a schedule of price increases, so buying early is key. Builder’s are also able to provide several different types of concessions to lock in a sale. Providing you with free custom upgrades, landscaping, closing costs, etc.

5. Personalization and Customization!

Many builders have the ability to allow the buyer to make custom changes to the floorplan, allowing you add several personal touches to your home .. paint colors, finishes, flooring, appliance packages, lighting, etc. Thus creating a living space specifically tailored to suit your individual tastes. Do you prefer waterfront? Or a private tropical garden backyard? Choosing the perfect lot for your dream home is a huge advantage.

6. Enhanced Safety Features!

The really amazing thing about living in Florida is that our state has experienced the strongest hurricanes, the hottest temperatures and the heaviest rains and flooding from our tropical rain storms. Because of this we have much stricter building codes which require stronger and safer building materials. All of which create stronger quieter homes because you are basically living in your very own hurricane shelter! Building a new construction home also allows you to easily install state of the art home security systems that can include surveillance cameras, motion sensors, voice controls, app controls, carbon monoxide detection, smoke detection, etc. The newest “must have” are buyers building Safe Rooms designed to protect homeowners during a home invasion.

7. Modern Architecture!

Open floorplans! Custom designed gourmet kitchens that are open to your grand living space. 12′ or higher ceilings with floor to ceiling windows allowing in more natural light. Larger spa-like bathrooms. Larger bedrooms and walk-in closets, etc. Say goodbye to tiny rooms with low ceilings and kitchens hidden in the back of the home.

8. Newest Technology!

Save your money! You are able to save significantly on your energy bills due to smarter more-connected homes that are ultra-energy efficient by using the latest innovative material and building systems on the market today (stoves, refrigerators, washing machines, water heaters, furnaces, air conditioning units, etc.). Several builders now are prewiring homes for optional solar panels to be added during your customization process as well! Now is the time during the construction of your new home to plan for your electric vehicle too by customizing your garage with charging stations.

9. Fewer Repairs!

The really great thing about buying a brand new preconstruction home is that the quality of the products now being installed today are designed to wear longer, are considerably more durable and last much longer, which means fewer repairs. Builder’s are also engineering homes to minimize maintenance requirements by using materials designed to be more energy efficient without the hassle of regular maintenance.

10. New Home Warranty!

Builder’s provide warranties on their new homes. Some are one-year, two-year, five-year or 20-year warranties that cover workmanship, materials and labor, garage doors, heating and air, plumbing and electrical, light fixtures, roofing, structural elements, and more. Sometimes the warranty fee is paid by the builder or you can buy your own warranty for a few hundred dollars.


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